Rapid day 1 report

Rapid day 1: Anton Korobov and Anna Muzychuk are leading with perfect score

The 2016 FIDE World Rapid Chess Championships started today in Doha, Qatar, with 106 players in the Open tournament, including 87 GMs, and 34 players in the Women tournament (including 13 GMs) competing for the prestigious titles and 200,000 USD (for open) and 40,000 USD (for women) prize fund.
After the first day and five rounds of play Anton Korobov from Ukraine emerged sole leader with 5/5 points. Levon Aronian from Armenia is half a point behind on the sole second place. Seven players share the third place with 4 points.
The defending champion Magnus Carlsen unexpectedly started with 0,5 out of 2 but than found his form and won 3 games in a row to finish the first day of rapid with 3,5 out of 5.
Anna Muzychuk from Ukraine is on the top in women's section with 4/4. In the fourth round she outplayed former Women’s World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk. Another Ukrainian player Inna Gaponenko is on the second place with 3,5/4, followed by 3 Russian players  Alexandra Kosteniuk, Alexandra Goryachkina and Katerina Lagno with 3/3.
The Rapid event will be held over three days (26-28th December) at a time control of 15min+10s and the Blitz Championships will continue during next two days (29-30th December) at a time control of 3min+2s.
The events will be both Swiss pairings tournaments and will be held over two days for Blitz and three days for Rapid. The Blitz will have twenty one (21) rounds in open championship and seventeen (17) rounds in women`s championship, with a single game for each round, Swiss event. The Rapid will be fifteen (15) rounds for Open and twelve (12) rounds for Women`s championship, with a single game for each round, Swiss event. 
The World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships organized by the FIDE, QATAR OLYMPIC COMMITTEE and QATAR CHESS ASSOCIATION.