Rapid day 3 report

Double gold for Ukraine in FIDE World Rapid Championship

Vassily Ivanchuk and Anna Muzychuk from Ukraine have won the gold medals after three days of play at the FIDE World Rapid Championship in Doha, Qatar.
Ivanchuk was tournament leader after the second day but today he was shaken by a loss to Nepomniachtchi and two draws. Vassily, however, won the last two rounds to conclude the event with 11/15 points and claim the trophy on best additional criteria -  average rating of the opponents.
After taking a short break from chess to try himself in different mind sport, Ivanchuk made a brilliant return with great results in the European Club Cup and here in Doha.
In a dramatic finish where five players entered the last round with 10 points each, the two speed-play champions from Berlin 2015 - Alexander Grischuk (blitz) and Magnus Carlsen (rapid) also emerged with 11 points.
Grischuk earned the silver medal, while Carlsen took the bronze.
Ian Nepomniachtchi was leading after the 13th round but two consecutive losses in the end took him away from the podium.
Anna Muzychuk dominated in the Women's Championship having secured the title with one round to spare, finally completing the event with 9,5/12 points.
A full point behind the winner is Alexandra Kosteniuk (silver), while Nana Dzagnidze took the bronze medal with 8 points.
For at least two more days Anna Muzychuk is the defending World Blitz champion, having obtained the title in Khanty-Mansiysk in 2014.
FIDE World Blitz Chess Championships will take place on 29-30th December at the same playing venue in Doha, Qatar.